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Graduate Program of Design and Arts

一. 本系歷史與概況(About the Department)

The educational philosophy of the College of Design and Arts in DAYEH University focuses on the combination of "design" and "art", emphasis on the concept that the graphic arts and culture are the basis of design. Designs shape the culture of performance. Only on the basis of the Aesthetics and Humanities can the value of human civilization can really be promoted.

二. 系所教育目標(Department Mission)

Intended for who wants to lead the arts and creative industries and learn theories of R & D personnel.


Intended for who want to lead the arts and creative industries in creative talent.


Intended for who want to lead the arts and creative industries in operations (management) talent.


Intended for who want to lead the arts and creative industries of education personnel.


三. 系所特色(Department Highlights)

Students can pursue interdisciplinary programs, including Architecture and Interior Design, Cultural Creative Industry and Visual Communication Design. Each field emphasizes the combination of theories and practices. The aim of the program is to educate and cultivate students who have a talent for arts or design.

四. 師資介紹(Our Faculty)

Our teachers graduated from many different countries. We invite German, English and Japanese professors to teach students and guide graduate thesis. Furthermore, we continue to invite foreign experts to our school. A multi-professional areas of teachers’ cooperation has been created so that students can learn design and artistic creation and cultural cognition, seeking personal achievement and contribute to academics.

五. 課程資訊(Curriculum)

Number of Credits/ Division

Spatial Design Division

Visual Communication Division

Cultural industry Division



Credits 6

Thesis 3 Credits

Thesis 3 Credits

GEPT license

Thesis 3 Credits

Thesis 3 Credits

GEPT license

Thesis 3 Credits

Thesis 3 Credits

GEPT license

Program Required

Credits 6

*Architecture and Interior Design

*Architecture Art History and Theory of Architecture

*Landscape Design Research

*Visual Communication Design (1)、(2)

*Media Communication Theory and Practice

*Lecture on Local Culture (1)、 (2)

*Special Lecture

Areas of core subjects Credits 9

*Design Project Management


*Theory of Green Belt and Planting Design

*Research in Architectural Light Design

*Application & Analysis of Spatial Design

*Enterprise Recognition Design

*Image and Culture

Visual Psychology Study

*Information and Interface Designer

*Visual Overall Building Thought and Practice

*Planning and Design on Brand

*Landscape Design Research

*Theory of Aesthetic Design Monograph

*Special lecture on Cultural Industry

*Discussion of local cultural resources

*Advanced Life Style

*Study on Culture

*Planning and Design on Brand

Mix of Credits 3

Attend the Institute, other institutes on campus, off-campus grad school for more elective credits

Free Electives Credits 3

六. 獲獎記錄(Honors)

Xu Seng-Xin won the 2015 Japan Prize for JCD large space bounty space and the German Red Dot Design Award


Lin Jian-Ting won the 2015 ChiMei Art Award

研究生林建廷 獲頒2015奇美藝術獎

2015"Taiwan International Metal Craft Competition" Chen Xin-Yi got the bronze award in group implementation.


"2014 Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival of the Arts," sand sculpture contest, works "Day Dream" won the championship.

「2014福隆國際沙雕藝術季」沙雕競賽,作品「Day Dream」勇奪冠軍

2012 Italian Balloon art contest work "land Claus Temple" won the championship.


七. 設備與資源(Facility)

Multimedia & 3D Animation Center

Performance Art Center

Environment & Material Laboratory

Digital-form Making Laboratory

八. 畢業要求(Graduation Requirements)

Completing a degree needs about 1 - 4 years

Total Credits:36

九. 未來出路(Career Perspective)

Graphic Design, Architectural designers, high school teachers, primary school teachers, the design department management, individual studios or companies, creative director, cultural and creative management ...... etc.

十. 聯絡我們(Contact us)

Add:No.168, University Rd., Dacun, Changhua 51591, Taiwan(R.O.C.)

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TEL:+886-4-8511888 ext.5003



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